Introduction to FxPro SuperTrader

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Past performance is not a guarantee of or prediction of future performance.

We have determined that FxPro SuperTrader is best suited to investments of over

This is because performance depends on an investor’s portfolio containing a range of strategies, each with enough capital invested to protect against temporary downturns, which are amplified when an account is undercapitalised.
FxPro SuperTrader is a fully automated algo-trading investment platform like no other. Learn more
No commissions, no hidden fees. Performance fees only payable to third-party strategy providers. Learn more
All you have to do is select the strategies you wish to invest in, allocate funds and apply your own risk controls. Learn more
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We offer a credit line

OUR INVESTORS to increase the value of their investment capital by up to 3 times.

You deposit $10,000WE CREDIT UP TO+ $20,000you invest with $30,000

In other words, you provide the risk capital and we provide the investment capital. All profits and losses are naturally borne by you. Investing requires a thorough understanding of the risks involved, including the percentage of your capital that you can afford to put at risk. This is to allow for times of high volatility and the risk parameters of individual strategies.

Open an AccountTrading CFDs involves significant risk of loss.