The platform itself is simply laid out and intuitive to use. All available strategies are listed with selected performance statistics available at a glance. Clicking on any strategy opens up performance charts that can be viewed at a number of durations, as well as detailed metrics and full trade histories. In this way potential investors have all the information they need to make educated investments.

This division of labour ensures the platform’s smooth running and guarantees that all parties have something to contribute and something to gain. Leaders bring their strategies, investors bring their capital, FxPro supplies the infrastructure and sources liquidity.

FxPro SuperTrader

Risk management at its core


The success of FxPro SuperTrader depends on the quality of the strategies we make available to our investors. To ensure that only the very best algorithms make it to the platform we employ an extremely thorough due diligence. Both in-house and third party strategies undergo thorough back and forward testing, as well as being subjected to Monte Carlo simulations, ensuring that they can react appropriately to a range of possible scenarios. Beyond this we continually monitor approved strategies to ensure that they perform above a certain threshold and require every investor to apply their own risk controls to each and every strategy they copy. This is why we say our strategies have an asymmetrically higher probability of profit to loss, the risk controls in place are so strict reducing the possibility of reaching pronounced drawdowns.



While our credit line makes additional funds available to investors and offers the potential for increased returns, it also comes with its own risks, which you should be fully aware of before accepting. All losses incurred while investing in SuperTrader strategies are borne by your own risk capital alone and not the funds FxPro has credited to you. As a result using a credit line allows you to continue allocating funds to strategies even as your own equity may be diminishing. This opens up the possibility of receiving a margin call should your equity become insufficient to absorb the losses resulting from a drawdown. In such cases the strategies in your portfolio will be automatically closed-out and any open positions you have will be liquidated. FxPro offers its clients negative balance protection, meaning that your account will be prevented from losing more than what you have deposited with FxPro.

We offer a Credit Line

icon Our risk management protocols protect your equity from strategy drawdowns. This has been confirmed in tests run over two years of past performance. These results are available for investors to examine on the platform.
icon Investing in a number of strategies is advisable as this reduces the risk of being tied to the performance of just one strategy. A properly diversified portfolio is less vulnerable to market volatility and consequently portfolio drawdowns.
icon FxPro offers you an interest-free credit line so that your account can be sufficiently capitalised to invest in a range of strategies.
You deposit 2000$
We credit up to 8000$
You invest with 10,000$*
*Terms and Conditions Apply

Find out how we are able to offer a credit line to our investors by clicking here.

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