Additionally you can view each of our strategies in further detail by going to the Strategies section and clicking on any one of them. This will provide you with in-depth statistics belonging to the strategy you clicked on.

You also have access to each strategy’s full back-test results. To access them simply click View from the Strategies list.

Pay attention to the strategy’s Intraday, 7Days, 30Days and Since Started performance statistics. These indicate how much a strategy has made or lost for its investors. Also look for the Maximum DD (drawdown) percentage figures; these inform you the greatest drop in equity the strategy has experienced in percentage terms.

Investment Portfolio
Decide how much to allocate to it
Choose whether to use the Ratio Multiplier
Set a Strategy Max Loss % (1-30%)

This is the amount of your Free Equity that you are prepared to allocate to a particular strategy.

Ratio Multiplier allows you to increase your risk exposure by multiplying the amount you invest in relation to the leader’s allocation amounts. Leaving it at 0 is the same as not using a multiplier.

Strategy Max Loss % can be set from 1 – 30% in order to define how much you are prepared to lose before a strategy is automatically closed. Once losses reach the percentage of equity you have specified it will be closed-out.

Investment Portfolio
Set your Trailing Stop (Equity) % (1-50%)
Set Your Profit Trigger Point (0-100%)
Click Save

The Trailing Equity Stop allows you to lock-in profits at a predefined level in order to protect your portfolio from retracements. You can set this anywhere from 1-50%.

Profit % Trigger Point acts like a Take Profit order, closing a strategy and securing profits when they reach a level that is predefined by you.

After you have allocated funds and set your own risk controls click save. The strategy will automatically begin trading on your behalf.

You have now started copying the FxPro Pandora strategy

The strategy has now been copied. You can view it in your copied strategies by clicking on the Portfolio tab.

These risk control features work over and above FxPro’s own risk guidelines, which the company obliges its leaders to abide by, effectively giving clients an added level of control over their portfolios.

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